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If you are interested in booking a day trip with us, our pricing is as follows:
One day on the lake, 8 - 9 hrs,    -  $500 for up to four people
additional people                         -  $50 per person
Half day on the lake, 4 - 5 hrs,    -  $350 for up to four people (no lunch provided)
additional people                         -  $25 per person
We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), personal checks, and cash.
We are able to accommodate up to 6 people fishing comfortably. We try to begin our trip around 8 AM.  Earlier is better and we can work with your schedule.  We try to have you back to the dock by 4 PM. All times refer to Arizona time zone.
There is an entrance fee into Glen Canyon Recreation Area, $15 per vehicle good for a 7 days. National Park Passes are valid also.

We'll provide:


The boat, gas, equipment, food, drinks, a DVD of you catching fish (for full day trips), fish cleaning and packaging, and the locationsYou're welcome to bring your own fishing tackle and gear, but it's not necessary.  We use spinning reels and a variety of lures and bait according to what the fish seem to be hitting that day.  We check the fishing report regularly to follow the fish's preferences for that day.


You'll need to bring a few things:


UV protective lotion, a hat, layered clothing, sunglasses, camera, and possibly rain gearMornings can be quite chilly some days and some day time temperatures can soar to 105 or better in the summer.   We want you to be as comfortable as possible.  If you want to keep your fillets fresh, bring a cooler for the trip home.  Last, but most importantly, everyone 12 years or older planning to fish in Utah or 14 for Arizona needs to bring a fishing license.

Fishing License


Utah and Arizona offer fishing licenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one-day, seven-day, or 365-day licenses over the phone or online.  Remember, Lake Powell is in both Utah and Arizona.  So, if you have an Arizona license, you'll want a Utah reciprocal and vice-versa: $8 for Utah or $3 for an Arizona reciprocal.  If you're not a resident of either state and want to save some money, I recommend getting only the Utah fishing license.  There's a great deal more of the lake in Utah than Arizona.  Otherwise, you'll need licenses from both states.  Anyone fishing under 12 years of age in Utah or 14 in Arizona doesn't need a license.  There are several places in Page that sell fishing licenses as well: Walmart on Hwy 89,  Stix Bait & Tackle (5 S. Lake Powell Blvd), and Wahweap Marina store.

                                  Utah Fishing Licenses             Arizona Fishing Licenses

 ResidentsNonresidents ResidentsNonresidents

1 day

(14 yrs or older)

$8$12 $16.25 $17.25

7 day UT, 

5 day AZ

(14 yrs or older)

 $16$32 n/a  $32

365 day  UT

Annual   AZ               

(14 yrs or older)

$26 $70 $23.50 
class L 
365 day
(12 or 13 yrs old)
$5 $5 n/a n/a

Lake Powell Stamp

$3n/a               $8               n/a

Phone:  1-800-221-0659






If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, we'd be happy to address them.

GO Fish Charters

Phone  cell,  435 616 3444