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About Us
Gayla Orrell is originally from West Texas and learned to love fishing from her father who was fishing every chance he got.  She caught her first fish in an irrigation ditch on the back portion of her grandparents' farm outside of Live Oak, California when she was six years old.  She used a worm hooked and hanging on a short bit of string tied to a little stick.  Since then she has fished many wonderful spots including the Kenai River in Alaska where she caught a 36 pound King Salmon, the Gulf of Alaska and Cook Inlet where many halibut put up a good fight, and the Pacific Ocean where no fish was safe.  On Lake Powell she has pulled up decent large and small mouth bass, striper, walleye, blue gill, channel cat, and crappie.  She loves Lake Powell fishing and would like to share it with the world. 


Wes Orrell, on the other hand, was born fishing.  He grew up around Lake of the Ozarks in southern Missouri (there's a little more water there than in West Texas).  He lived in Alaska for 17 years and took full advantage of the hunting and fishing opportunities there.  He even got his pilot's license and an airplane with tundra tires so he could reach even the remotest of fishing holes.  Fishing comes as natural to him as breathing.

Together, Gayla and Wes make a pretty good team.  Wes tends to be a quiet guy, but Gayla is a little chatty.  That's why he makes her drive the boat.  Plus, she knows all the really good fishing spots.

Company history
GO Fish began guided fishing in 2008.  We wanted to add something new to the guide business here.  We have a boat with a privy on board; so we don't have to stop fishing to accommodate the needs of others.  

*We also have a guide boat with a fish cleaning center.  That means you don't have to wait on us to clean the fish after we pull the boat out of the water and find a fish cleaning station available for use. 

*During largemouth nesting we offer the option of catch-and-release to help preserve the fishery. 

*We can store up to 5 gallons of fresh water supplied to our faucets.  Your catch for the day will be packed and ready for the freezer when you get off the boat.
Company Policy
GO Fish Charters likes to provide a family atmosphere on board our vessel.  We consider ourselves an alcohol and tobacco free zone.  We promise to get you back to shore before happy hour is over.  And if you're a smoker and want to travel with us, then you might want to wear a patch because we don't take tobacco breaks when there's fish to be caught. 
We encourage couples and families and
 welcome kids of nearly all ages.  We prefer children to be at least 6 years old, and the park requires those 12 and under to wear vests while upon any vessel for obvious safety reasons.  The Colorado river channel can be quite rough at times, and we wouldn't want anyone to not be properly prepared.